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Registration is online this year! Visit our document center for links.

What is the fee schedule for NHHSET?

It depends on how your school is structuring payment.

If the school will be requiring all the students to cover the cost of registration themselves:

Rider Registration is TBA

Non-Rider Registration is TBA

If the school will be paying for the students: 

Based on the team fee schedule which is not based on rider vs. non-rider, it is based on the total number of participants on the team:

1-4 Participants: $200/participant

5-10 Participants: $1000

10+ Participants: $1000 + $100/each additional participant

When does practice start?

Teams may begin practice February 1st. Your school team will determine your practice barn location and practice schedule. 

Elimination of Districts

The state board voted to remove the districts, leaving one state board. This change will make it possible to have a more solid state board and cut down on the number of volunteers needed to keep our program running. Each school will have a vote at state board meetings.


Have a question not listed? Visit our rule book or the contact us page and reach out!

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